DOBTOL custom-designs the appropriate solution for each customer using the latest advances in technology and installation techniques. We only work with proven technologies and credit worthy brands to develop a long term solution that is custom built to accommodate your individual facility needs.

Process Includes:

  1. Site viability, shading analysis and interconnection evaluation
  2. Energy Audit of existing usage for system sizing
  3. Create preliminary system design options
  4. Calculate expected system performance and proforma analysis
  5. Review and finalize plans with customer
  6. Develop a Permit ready set of design drawings
  7. Obtain all necessary permits for construction
  8. Obtain interconnection approvals with the local Utility
  9. Prepare and register all required applications to operate the system
  10. File required paperwork to generate and trade environmental credits
  11. Commission the system, test for performance and establish a maintenance plan